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Ethiopian Tourist Guide (ETG) is the most trust worthy and reliable travel agency specializing in travel to Ethiopia in today's travel industry. Combining years of experience in the travel industry and a deep understanding of the Ethiopian culture,

 we create fantastic Ethiopian tours for our customers so that they may experience the rich history, exotic life style, and breathtaking landscapes of Ethiopia. Our mission is to provide high quality services at reasonable prices for both novice and seasoned world travelers.


As the best among Ethiopian travel agents, we provide our esteemed clients with a widespread of travel products, including a wide range of tour packages and travel arrangements to and within Ethiopia.

We are highly regarded among Ethiopian Travel Agents as foremost Ethiopian Tour operators. Our qualified, efficient and cost effective tour packages are specifically designed to provide our highly esteemed customers with the ultimate in service and care, Ethiopian Tourist guide currently has over 7 full-time passionate and dedicated staff and 85 freelancer staff, all working to provide you with precise and excellent service.

Our Vehicles

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide a great service at affordable prices. Paramount to our rent a car service is the ability to provide passionate service and a quality range of clean and safe vehicles for our customers. From small cars to wide around the busy city streets to the larger luxury cars for those all-important occasions, at Ethiopian Tourist Guide we have the vehicle for you.

Our vehicles are extremely well maintained by expert mechanics, comprehensively insured, and are all suitable for all Ethiopian weather and road conditions. On top of that we provide a variety of products and services to assist you on your journey making your ride easier and more enjoyable, so don’t forget to ask about any "extras' you might need with your rental.

In the car rental department, there are more than 30 different vehicles including new and sturdy V8 Land Cruisers and normal 4WD, Costar Buses, Min Buses, automobiles, pickup trucks, as well as more options that provide service for both self-drive rentals and guided tours.



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